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> vision / mission


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// quality policy








> work / service

DISC-DE was established with two major teams, Academic Administration and Academic Development, to carry new initiatives into execution in support of the strategic development of the Design Discipline.  With the leadership of Academic Director and the concerted efforts through collaborations with different stakeholders, DISC-DE has been devising and implementing numerous plans and projects over the years for the continuous advancement of the Discipline and its staff and students.








// academic administration


Academic Administration Team has devoted dedicated efforts to offering professional administrative support in the Design Discipline to cater to its strategic development.  Its scope of service covers assistance in planning and developing resources, handling students extended learning initiatives, administrating knowledge centres and coordinating with Headquarters.  Furthermore, organising admissions exercise and engagement, managing staff training and development are covered.  Other duties include performing secretarial duties in board and committee meetings and providing event support.

/ Discipline Resources Planning and Development

    : Academic Manpower

    : Major AA&I

    : Subhead 398 (F&E for existing building)

    : DIDP Funding


/ Student Extended Learning Activities

    : Advanced Design Studio (ADS)

    : Design Extended Learning Project (DELP)

    : Visiting Fellow (VF) and Creator-in-Residence (CIR) Scheme


/ Knowledge Centres

    : Centre for Communication Design

    : Centre of Design Services and Solutions

    : Centre of Innovative Material and Technology

    : Design for Social Innovative and Sustainability Lab

    : Fashion Archive

    : Media Lab

/ Admissions Exercise and Engagement

/ Staff Training and Development

    : Council Initiated Development Programme (CIDP)

    : Department / Discipline Initiated Development Programme (DIDP)

    : Staff Initiated Development Programme (SIDP)

    : Duty Visit (DV)

    : Industrial Attachment (IA)

/ Secretarial Support

    : Design Discipline Regular Meeting

    : Design Institute Advisory Board (DIAB)

    : Design Institute Advisory Board Sub-committee A (DIAB SCA)

    : Design Institute Advisory Board Sub-committee B (DIAB SCB)

    : Emerging Design Talents Organising Committee

    : Regular Meeting of Knowledge Centres

    : Regular Meeting of Pro-Act Training Development Centres

/ Event Support

    : Education and Careers Expo

    : Emerging Design Talents

    : InnoCarnival

    : VTC / DILWL Info Day

    : Youth Skills / World Skills Competitions






// academic development


Academic Development Team provides professional academic support in the Design Discipline for its scholastic development.  Its scope of service does not merely consist of training or assisting in programme planning, development and validation / revalidation, but also programme areas accreditation / reaccreditation and periodic review.  Besides organising cultural activities and research and managing student industrial attachment are also involved.  It also incorporates facilitation of alumni affairs, coordinating industry networking and undertaking secretarial duties in board and committee meetings.

/ Programme Planning, Development and Validation / Revalidation

    : Higher Diploma

    : Professional Diploma

    : Professional Certificate

    : Certificate


/ Cultural Activities and Research


/ Student Industrial Attachment

/ Alumni Affairs

/ Industry Networking

/ Secretarial Support

    : Cultural Studies Committee (CSC)

    : Design Discipline Academic Committee (DEAC)

    : Design Discipline Quality Assurance Committee (DEQAC)

    : Enrichment Module Board (DEEnMB)

    : Industrial Attachment Working Group (IAWG)

    : Module Board of Examiners (MBoE)